Monday, 28 April 2014

Fashion Blogger: L O V E - A E S T H E T I C S

So earlier today, I was reading an interesting article about a fashion blogger, Ivania Carpio. She is from the Netherlands, and is obsessed with the colour white! Her entire blog consists of clothes in White. She even even dyed her naturally brown hair grey-white!

Except for the rare time she adds a dash of gold or black, Ivania Carpio, 25, dresses exclusively in white.
 I found that extremely cool and chic! For her White is most def the new black! 

The blog has garnered attention from the fashion world and Ivania has been featured in a host of magazines, including fashion bible Vogue.

‘I don't get this with white. White evokes more of a feeling; fresh, clean, pure, empty but mostly a feeling of possibilities. And because so little concrete images to mind when seeing white, I can project my own personality and mood onto it.' says Ivania.

She also says that white represents the 'early stages' of clothes. When tailoring clothes, the first patterns are also made in a creamy or white fabric,' she explains. I think these early stages of garments are beautiful. By not adding any color or print all attention is directed to the technical details and fit, that is what interests me most in fashion.'

You can view more of her articles on her blog: L O V E - A E S T H E T I C S

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  1. Very interesting. The B&W is part of fashion & the arts and seen all the time. I like how it was shown. Love your blog and how you always post cool fashion stuff. Keep it up!! :P :P :D :D :P